OXYGEN FACE | Youth & Adult problematic skins

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Antiseptic, 2% oxygen cream to treat and regulate the skin cells. An all-in-one beauty treatment that treats excess oil production, youth & adult skin problems, blackheads other problematic skin concerns


The oxygen reaction creates a vacuum effect which pulls out excess debris from the pores to unclog them, while the natural antiseptic properties of oxygen kill bacteria. Helps the skin to function normally again to help it regain a youthful glow and crystal clear complexion. Learn more about the patented Oxygen Technology.


▪ Clears surface problems and blemishes.
▪ Help to treats hyperpigmentation and blackheads.
▪ Limits the production of excess sebum and clogged pores.
▪ Enhances nutrient absorption and hydrates.
▪ Optimizes skin functions.


Skin Types All. Especially combination and problematic skin.